How does the booth work?

Our state of the art open air booth is incredibly user friendly. Your guests will first choose from a variety of fun and classy event-specific props while waiting on line. They will then head into the open area in front of a gorgeous sequined backdrop, while a friendly and enthusiastic attendant walks them through the simple process of four DSLR quality pictures. The photo booth will take four pictures automatically with short breaks in between, so that your guests can change up their pose and grab new props. While taking their pictures, guests will be able to see themselves on the touchscreen and react to, or laugh at, how their photos came out! After that, the photo-strips will print out practically immediately, and one will be given to each guest in the picture. If you requested a scrapbook in your package, an extra copy of each print will be neatly placed into a hardcover scrapbook for guests to write messages to the guest of honor! It's a simple and enormously fun process, that your guests will love every moment of. From picking out props, to laughing at at friends taking pictures in the booth, to cherishing the photo-strips after, your guests will rave about how great an idea a photo booth was!

What areas do you service events?

We are located in Smithtown, NY, and service events mainly on Long Island, but also travel to NYC and other areas in the northeast!, If you are unsure whether or not your location is within 90 miles from us, feel free to contact us and we will let you know if we can be there!

How do I book an event?

Booking an event with Peak Photobooths is incredibly simple. Email us at booking@peakphotobooths.com or give us a call at 631-838-5243 to speak with one of our friendly OWNERS who will guide you through the easy process. We will discuss your event type, your photo booth requests, and outline pricing options. You can get your quote the FASTEST by filling out the simple form on the CONTACT page! Once we confirm that your date is available, we will write up an official contract, and require a 25% deposit to hold the date. The remaining balance is due in cash, check , or via PayPal the day of event. 

What is included in your package?

We at Peak Photobooths like to keep everything simple. We have one core open air photo booth package featuring our state of the art booth, and you can select which ever add-ons you would like. Service is offered from two to five hours. Our Open Air Package includes the following features (seen in more detail in the Packages page). 2-5 hours of rental time (Extra time per request)

  • Setup and Breakdown of Photobooth

  • Enthusiastic, professional attendant

  • Modern OPEN-AIR Photo booth setup with our state-of-the-art booth

  • Unlimited DSLR quality ictures

  • Unlimited photostrip print-outs

  • INSTANT sharing via text message or email

  • Customized Photostrip Design with Name/Date and Artwork

  • Full Prop Collection

  • Gorgeous Sequin Backdrops

  • Reprints

  • Photo filters

  • Social Media Sharing!

  • ADD ONS  (See Packages page for pricing)

  • Memory Scrapbook Book*

  • USB Drive*

  • Plastic Frames (100ct)*

  • Custom Backdrop*

  • Custom Props*

  • Extra hour*

How many print outs can we get? How many pictures can we take?

AS MANY AS YOU WANT! We do unlimited print-outs for every event! Every guest in the picture will automatically get one photo strip. You can take an unlimited number of pictures as well! However long your event is, we will take pictures the entire time!

How much does it cost? How do I find out about prices? Is it affordable?

We pride ourselves on the incredible value we offer at an affordable price. Price varies based on package, as well as duration of event. Please contact us at 631-838-5243, booking@peakphotobooths.com, or any CONTACT US button on this site. We will discuss what you would like for your party, and outline the different pricing options we have available. 

How many people can fit in the booth at once?

As many as you can! Most of our open air booths can fit up to 15 people at once!

Does the booth take up a lot of space?

Our open air booth takes up an incredibly small space. Your guests will be shocked at how small yet powerful our setup is. We can squeeze into any event setting, while still giving your guests plenty of room to fit into pictures and photobomb to their hearts' content. Even a 5x5 foot space can fit our photo booth!

What is a scrapbook?

A scrapbook is an amazing addition to the photobooth packages we offer at Peak. You will recieve a classy hardcover scrapbook with an extra copy of every single picture taken at the event. Guests will be directed to sign/decorate the book and leave a message!


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